Mediation and Arbitration

A collaborative approach to resolving disputes. Helping clients to think outside the box.

Mediation and arbitration are widely used forms of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) that avoid the considerable expense, delay, and uncertainty of litigation. ADR is critically important as civil trials occur less frequently each year and with ever-increasing delays.

The mediators at Sheehey are experienced trial attorneys, who have tried dozens of cases dealing with all kinds of issues. Firm principals Ian Carleton and Heather Ross know how to assist litigants in evaluating their cases and crafting creative solutions. With each Sheehey mediator having decades of experience litigating cases, we understand the litigation process and the challenges that litigation presents in terms of time and emotional and financial costs. We have experience working with businesses, both large and small, as well as individuals, and have represented both plaintiffs and defendants in a myriad of legal disputes.

Ian has been a member of the ENE panel in the District of Vermont since 2017 and has mediated to successful resolution cases ranging from federal tort claims to trademark infringement actions. Heather has spent much of her career litigating employment-related disputes for both plaintiffs and defendants and is well-versed in the complexities of employment and labor law.

We are happy to conduct mediations online or in person.

Through ADR, we help individuals, corporate and other legal entities and insurers resolve a wide variety of conflicts, including:

  • Business governance and dissolution matters
  • Employment disputes, including employment discrimination claims
  • Breach of contract and other commercial disputes
  • Civil rights and sexual assault cases
  • Personal injury claims
  • Trademark litigation
  • Land disputes
  • Probate issues
  • General civil litigation