A winning team for resolving disputes

Legal disputes can derail businesses, institutions and careers by threatening assets and putting future opportunities at risk. When the path to resolution requires litigation, having the right partner is key. 

Our litigation team represents clients in the courtroom and at the mediation table. Whatever the dispute, our attorneys have the knowledge, experience and insight to develop a sound legal strategy and deliver the best possible resolution. We work collaboratively with our clients to achieve their objectives, while candidly assessing the risks and benefits. But, we understand that prevention is the best medicine and so we also help businesses, lending institutions, insurers and regulated utilities develop strategies to avoid or limit the possibility of litigation.

Our litigation attorneys are skilled in all areas of litigation and dispute resolution, both civil and criminal, including jury and non-jury trials in state and federal courts, regulatory proceedings, arbitration, mediation and appeals and white-collar criminal defense.  Our litigation attorneys also have extensive experience working with national law firms as local counsel, providing strategic advice and guidance regarding local procedures and customs.

In particular, we have extensive experience representing:

  • Healthcare providers and other licensed professionals
  • Regulated utilities
  • Product manufacturers
  • Insurers
  • Lending institutions